Site Configuration

Every Gizmo(QP) site provides a SitePublisher class, that is a subclass of, that defines a configuration class
attribute, that is a dict object. The configuration dict items control
many aspects of the site, such as scgi port, durus database server,
max number of child web processes, etc.

An application is free to add its own custom items, to use as it needs.
Configuration items are accessed with Publisher.get(key, default).
It is recommended that a dedicated file is used to define
a site’s configuration.

Managing configuration for dev and live deployments
When Publisher.is_live_host() is True, the method
Publisher.set_live_configuration() gets called.
To specify any configuration modifications for live deployment it is only
necessary to supply a definition of this method — this demo uses the
combination of this method (see the Demo SitePublisher
source) and a second dictionary, here called configuration_live,
to update from.

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Python source : demo site configuration dictionary