Gizmo(QP) version 0.8

The Gizmo(QP) version 0.8 distribution is licensed under the Open Software License version 3.0.


gz-0.8.tar.gz (124194 Bytes, 2008-03-21)

Or, if you prefer to use a command line client such as wget:





Gizmo requires that you install the following packages:

  • Durus, python object database, if you intend to run sites that use it.
  • Qpy, unicode templating utility.
  • QP, web framework.
  • Evoque Templating if you wish to use it as templating engine.
  • SCGI, to interface with HTTP servers and manage multiple processes. You only need this if and when you wish to deploy on the Apache web server. The Lighttpd web server has built-in support for SCGI.

Please follow their respective installation instructions (rather trivial, on posix platforms). Note that installation on Windows requires that you be able to compile extensions for some of these packages, and using the same compiler as the one used for building your installed CPython.

Installing Gizmo

Installation of Gizmo itself is plain pure-python standard distutils:

tar zxvf gz-0.8.tar.gz cd gz-0.8 python install

It is then a good idea to ensure that the installed .qpy files are compiled, by doing:

sudo python -c “import gz.fill; import gz.gizmo; import;”
Installing the Gizmo demo sites

Installation of the included Gizmo demo sites follows the same procedure as the installation of the QP demo sites (see QP’s README for the specifics). Various options exist — the simplest is probably to just copy the Gizmo demo sites from the distribution to your ~/qp_sites directory.

Bundled 3rd party packages

Gizmo bundles the following third party packages. Typically the bundled version is the last stable version at time of the Gizmo release. You should be able to update the bundled version as you please.


Gizmo bundles the Python Markdown module, that is used to pre-process any templates specified in the markdownformat. [Source of the bundled Markdown]


Gizmo bundles the packed variation of the MochiKit suite of JavaScript libraries, on which the client-side component of gizmo objects may be dependent. [Source of the bundled MochiKit]