Please Register

When all required fields are filled such that they pass validation,
the form can be submitted — and the label of the submit button
changes from Validate to Register.

When submitted, the fields are guaranteed
to be re-validated on the server using exactly the same checks
(actually using the python version of the field checks, from which
the client side validation JavaScript code has been automatically generated).
Note that submission of this demo registration form only
redisplays it with the submitted values (no new user is created).
More explantions at Gizmo Form
(for login details see demo home page).

First Name

Last Name


Only alphanumeric _- and cannot start with a number. Lowercase (case-insensitive).

Valid email address, and not used by another user.

Case sensitive. At least 4 chars long. At least 1 digit.
Password Confirm

Must be same as first password.

The definition in python for this registration form is included below,
as part of the source for the /register/ directory — note the
inheritance from gz.fill.register_dir.RegisterDir, that takes
care of tasks such as the handling of the JSON validation
callback defined on the userid field.

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Python source for the /register/ directory