Special Types

The different functionalities of Gizmo(QP) make use of several
object types, each dedicated to specific task. Not all are formal
types, as some are no more than a working convention, e.g.
the crumb data tuple.
This sections demos a few of the these special object types.

QP implements an export as an informal 4-tuple.
Gizmo formalizes the eXportable type, that is equivalent
to a QP export except for the fact that it
is only a QP export if it passes contextual access control.

See module: gz.fill.exportable

The Dhi object for an export is contributed to by all
participants of a response, making complex DHTML pages easier
to build and debug, as well as simpler to render by the client.
See module: gz.fill.dhi

A 5-tuple, that contains navigation-pertinent information
about an export.
See module: gz.fill.directory

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Python source : gizmo(qp) directory, /specials/ specials.py#code