credits, acknowledgements

Thank you to
MEMS and Nanotechnology Exchange
for the
great software
they have made available to the python community — the
Qpy package
that is used by Evoque is one of these packages.
In particular, a thank you to David Binger for his intense and
infectious appreciation of simplicity, and therefore complexity.

Thank you to Skip Montanaro and to Martin v. Löwis
for their help with the
decodeh module,
now part of Evoque.

The physical source lines of code (SLOC) count is generated using
by David A. Wheeler.

Steven Degraeve for
the heading area background banner on the pages of this site.

The multitude of templating systems for python over the past years
have contributed to the clarification of the ideas and priorities
for Evoque. It is impossible to identify which and what —
a big thank you to the python community in general for
the openness and sharing of innumerable ideas
and disinterested hours of work.

Thank you to Alex Martelli for his help and collaboration
on the development of
XYAPTU: Lightweight XML/HTML Document Template Engine for Python.
This single-module templating system, written back in 2002,
is the beginning of the ideas that have evolved over the years
since then and that are now manifest in Evoque.