Using without qpy and still doing html quoting

Qpy is only used when quoting="xml", thus if you run with
quoting="str" you will not need to have Qpy installed, but you
will need to take care of quoting yourself.
As an example, let’s use the code from the the evoque_mq
benchmark that is included in the distribution:

First, make quoting="str" the domain-wide default, and
we can also set, on the domain’s globals, the quoting function we want
to use:

from evoque.domain import Domain
domain = Domain(/path/to/evoque/bench/evoque, quoting="str")

import cgi
domain.set_on_globals("quote", cgi.escape)

In the template itself template_mq.html
then specify explicitly the values that need to be quoted:

<!DOCTYPE html
    PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="" lang="en">

$begin{greeting}<p>Hello, ${quote(you)}!</p>$end{greeting}

$evoque{#greeting, you=user}
$evoque{#greeting, you="me"}
$evoque{#greeting, you="world"}

    $for{idx, item in enumerate(items)}
        <li${idx+1==len(items) and " class='last'" or ""}>${quote(item)}</li>

$test{ title='Just a test', user='joe', items=['a', '<b/>', 'c'] }

Rendering is as usual, for example:

data = dict(title="Just a test", user="joe", 
    items=["&lt;n&gt;%d&lt;/n&gt;" % (num)  for num in range(1, 15)])