managing the collection’s template cache

Each collection controls its own cache, customizable
via two parameters that get their default
values from the domain:

  • cache_size: int = 0

    sets the maximum number
    of loaded templates in a collection, with a value of 0
    meaning no limit.
  • auto_reload: int = 60

    sets the minimum number of seconds to wait before
    doing a stat on the template file to see if it
    has been modified. A value of 0 means to do the file system
    check on each request for the template.

The collection cache is always on.

If you prefer to run like there was no cache, i.e. reloading
every template each time it is requested, you can set
cache_size=1 and auto_reload=0.

If, on the other hand, you would like to run such that
templates are virtually never reloaded, you can set
cache_size=0 and
i.e. a sufficiently large number of seconds to wait
between checks.