5 Signs That Switching Jobs Every 3–5 Years Is Better for Your Career

If you’re like most everyone else, you love security, especially when it comes to your job. And who doesn’t? You have a steady income and don’t have to worry about making ends meet.


But according to experts, security in career is a wrong move. They say that it’s actually better to change jobs at least every three years. So, how do you know that it’s the same path you should take?


Here are five signs that say you should take the leap of faith and switch to another job.


Not every job makes you happy and love your work. But at some point, your job did give you excitement. For a while, you were happy.


If that’s no longer the case, it may be better to find a new company. If you come every day feeling like a robot or an empty shell, it’s no longer working. You have to prioritize your holistic health more than the job itself.


If it no longer excites you and makes you happy, it’s time to look for other opportunities.


No matter how expert you think you are in your field, you’ll continue to learn. It’s also the duty of your company to provide you with the proper training. You should be up to date with the trends of your field.


But if your current job is not making you feel like you’re still learning, it’s time to move on. As you grow, so should your learnings. It’s exhilarating to know new things that will make you better in your career.


If your growth is stunted, stop and find a new adventure. This is the reason why changing a job every three to five years is a good thing. You continue to learn and become better.


Healthy working environments and colleagues that help you grow is a rare find. Not everybody has seen that yet. Most of the time, work environments get more toxic as the years pass.


It could be your new boss is not fond of you and is trying to drag you down. If not your boss, it could be a colleague.


But it’s not always the people. It’s also the work. Sometimes you drag yourself out of bed to a work that drains you completely.


You’ll know when your work is becoming toxic. Staying for the sake of your friends or job security will only make things worse. Make yourself on top of your priority list.


You need to be at your best shape when you’re job hunting. Getting completely drained by your current job will not work.


As much as we love to work for our careers, we also work for the pay. After all, simply loving what you do won’t pay the bills. You still have to earn money so you can pay the rent and buy food for the family.


Truth be told, many workers and job seekers want a job that offers financial security.


During the first time you worked, your company’s pay may be the best you’ve seen. But when you go out in the real world once again, you’ll find better-paying jobs. Additionally, the experience you’ve gained should help you gain more.


So, if your current job doesn’t compensate you well, find another one that will give you more value.


Getting stuck in the same place means your circle of friends is diminishing. The more you stay in the same place, the more you lose your opportunity to meet others. Your social skills will get rusty as well.


You can find articles, essays, and dissertations that shows the benefit of changing jobs. These are based on research done by field experts.

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