Top Popular Programming Languages to Write an Essay on

You can write essays about many things. One very interesting subject to write about nowadays is programming languages. If you’re into software development, then this is going to be an interesting topic for you, particularly if you’re new to this field and would like to learn some more.

However, there are a lot of programming languages. There are as many as hundreds of them. It really doesn’t help you know which one to make your essay on, as it’s hard to know which is more important and more commonly used. So, if you don’t want to hire a “write a research paper for me” service to get your paper done, here are some popular programming languages that you can write about.

  1. JavaScript

You must have heard of JavaScript by now, in one way or another. It has to be on top when it comes to popular programming languages. It is pretty much a web development language that helps connect certain interactive elements to browsers or web applications. In today’s world, it seems highly unlikely to develop software without using JavaScript. It’s a big help when it comes to front-end development.

The coolest thing about JavaScript is that it works with most browsers, especially with major ones. So, whether it’s a beginner using it or not, the language is a great choice. As such, if you were to write an essay about it, you’d have a lot of topics to write about. Thanks to JavaScript being so widely used, you won’t encounter difficulties while doing research for your essay.

  1. Swift

Another great choice for an essay topic would be Swift. This programming language has been made by Apple Inc, so you must be more familiar with it if you’ve used Mac OS or iOS apps before. This is a great language for developing iOS or Mac OS apps. The great thing about this language is that it’s very easy to use, and it is also a great choice for beginners. Besides, it’s secure and works faster too.

If you’d like to show people how easy a programming language can be, then Swift is a great choice for your essay topic. You can research it and talk about its use in Apple’s apps, or you can compare it to other programming languages and say what Swift does better.

  1. PHP

A great programming language you can write about that is also very easy to use is PHP. The name stands for Hypertext Pre-processor language. This language can be used in the development of various web applications or Static and Dynamic websites. Furthermore, it is independent of OS and platform, and anyone can learn it pretty easily. It’s also free.

So, you can pick this one for your essay if you want to tell people about a language used for the images used on websites or the creation of dynamic web page content. You can also try to show in your essay why so many people are using it.

  1. Python

There are programming languages used for general purposes, and Python is one great example of this. What makes it so loved is the fact that its syntax is very similar to the English language. So, because of this, the process of using this language for development will go more smoothly. Not to mention, there are also a lot of applications that will make Python stronger. Mostly used in machine engineering and scientific computing, you can easily write something in your essay about Python. It’s versatile, so you can make research and find more specifics about the way it can be used. By doing this, you will end up with a well-made essay.

  1. C/C++

If you’re into gaming and would like to talk about a programming language used in this field, then you can write about C/C++. Developed from C.C language, C++ is a language that is mostly object-oriented. It is commonly used in video games. So, you can easily write about how C++ language helps games work and why it’s so important in the development of so many games.

Final Thoughts

The number of programming languages that exist in the world makes it hard for someone to pick one to write an essay on. But now, you have some knowledge about a few of the top ones and making a choice should be much easier.

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